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Summer Sparrow Antics (poem: Freya S)

Chirping from the roof tops,

Making my morning complete,

I come and see there inquisitive faces but as soon as they see me they retreat,

Retreating to the feeder,

One acting like it's the leader,

Then they fly back up to our eaves when I'm gone,

One after another they fly in,

Clambering and hopping on the eaves,

Making there nests before the light dims,

Squabbling, fighting, and being funny is what Sparrows do best,

And they never let anyone inside their homes as a guest,

One sparrow jumps over from the back of our house where he made his nest,

To the others front nest,

He takes the nest material like it's a game,

So we give them a name,

It's Rob who takes the nest material from Bob,

Building nests all day long,

Bringing giant feathers along,

Complaining at the other sparrow that everything's wrong,

Then comes the day,

When mating starts happening in may,

Now we know that chicks will be on the way,

I went outside looking up,

I hear little chirps in the black gutter cup,

Then I look down,

And find an eggshell on the floor,

I'm certainly going to treasure it,

So I walked inside and shut the door,

I got up really early,

Hoping I would catch a glimpse of the fledging chicks,

And I nearly but a little late,

Because right in front of me on the eaves I saw some little fluffy chicks,

The baby's pestering the adults for food,

I really enjoyed watching these sparrows I viewed,

But now I wonder why they nested in our eaves so narrow,

And why there numbers are declining so rapidly,

Some reasons why sparrows are declining is because of habitat loss and invertebrate numbers are going lower and lower,

@save_the_house_sparrows is a great group that are sharing this news,

So let's help these sparrows even though there beautiful brown,

Welcome them as your guest,

Because then you get to experience there charasmatic life,

That'll cheer you up,

Even if your down,

By Freya S

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