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Grange Infant school

A long day at college wouldn't be complete without a quick walk round the block to check for wood. And tonight, I struck gold! Some beautiful old decking boards, just tossed away in a skip. Twenty minutes and an agonizing aching in my shoulder later and it was at home, ready to be turned into a nestbox...

Fast-forward a week and it was the fully fledged beauty you see above. I ended up giving it to my Step-Mum, to install at the school she worked at - Grange Infant School, along with two little bug hotels, made from a disused Hazel log I'd found at college, sawn in half, cleaned and filled with holes.

The school's caretaker kindly screwed it to a sturdy Maple tree, just outside a classroom window.

And amazingly, just over four weeks after installing it, I was sent this video of the nestbox, with its first tenant already nesting in it!

Although not a House Sparrow (believe this to be a Blue Tit) the fact that the nestbox has been used so quickly is a clear testimony to how vital nestboxes are! And having it right outside a classroom window for kids to watch and engage with (just as long as it doesn't distract them too much from Maths lessons...) is so rewarding, and hopefully something I'll get to be responsible for again.

Just wanted to share this with you, as I've not talked a whole lot about the individual schools/places where I put up nestboxes yet.

Thank-you for reading!

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