A lack of nesting spaces is one of the key reasons House Sparrows are declining, here's a little collage of my efforts to create some more...


Portchester High-street Project:

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, who donated over £150 in just a few hours, me and a small team were able to go out around the streets of Portchester/Portsmouth collecting fly-tipped wood, turn them into birdboxes and then install them on buildings down Portchester High Street.

Several can now be seen on the local Red Lion Pub, TBS Furniture, Portchester Dentists and more! 

portchester precinct.jpg

Two nestboxes I built and installed for a local dentist practice.


A nestbox given to Grange infant school, made from decking that would've gone to landfill. Currently it's occupied by a family of Blue Tits.


A distant shot of a nestbox installed over a lake in a local woodland.


One of the first colony nestboxes I built and installed (made with the help of my little sister).

Cams Golf Course 1st nestbox

One of five nestboxes me and a (sufficiently bribed) friend installed at Cams Golf Course.


A nestbox I installed for my Nan, made from wood I found dumped at the side of the road!


Collecting some of the famous Titchfield Haven nature reserves old boardwalk - it's currently in my shed waiting to be turned into more nestboxes...


One of my colony Sparrow boxes on the Drama Studio of Portchester Community School (my old school!)


One of the many nestboxes installed at the nursery inside Portchester Community School.


Another nestbox made from my neighbor's old decking - now installed on the nursery in PCS.


Another boardwalk nestbox on the nursery in PCS


The fleet of nestboxes for Portchester Community School prior to being installed...

Flier advertising Sparrow boxes at local bus stop

When visiting my family in Cambridgeshire, I took the opportunity to set up a stall selling Sparrow boxes and bug hotels outside their house, and ended up selling out of bug hotels! This is one of the 50+ fliers I printed advertising the stall.

One of my little personal trust stalls

One of the trust stalls I set up when visiting family in Cambridgeshire, selling Sparrow boxes, bug hotels and a Colony Nestbox.

Sparrow box installed in Cambridgeshire-made from the same sheet of wood as one installed in Wales!

Sparrow box installed in Cambridgeshire-made from the same sheet of wood as one installed in Wales!


Out on a hard day's work installing boxes on the local pub - feat. my colleague's stylish hair.


Two Sparrow-boxes installed on a friends house in Fleet.


A colony nestbox, specially designed for Sparrows, ready to be installed at Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve (updates soon hopefully!).


One of many birdboxes on Covney Church, Cambridgeshire, donated as part of their scheme to restore the church and its grounds for wildlife and people.


Another box at Coveny Church.


The most beautiful car boot I have ever seen...

IMG_0698 2

A close-up of one of the Coveny boxes, the initials of the locals who sponsored it screwed into the front.

IMG_0699 2

Me on a roof (as per usual) installing some boxes on shops down the local high-street to help its small Sparrow colony.


The next batch all ready to go....