About me and the project

During August 2020, through the culmination of an RSPB Podcast episode on House Sparrows, and a trip to the gorgeous, amber coastline of Devon, the frothy white caravan parks lining it thronging with these delightful chestnut birds, I decided I wanted to conserve them.

It began as it still is today: me, plus the support of all of you fantastic people out there who believe in this project enough to give your time, energy and even money to recover Britain's House Sparrow population, through media attention, building and installing nestboxes, creating habitats rich in their invertebrate food, and campaigning for cleaner air, putting less stress on their delicate little lungs.

Though the project can be hard sometimes, and the endless rabbit holes of permissions, contacts, phone calls etc, just to accomplish something as simple as installing a birdbox can be frustrating, it's always worth it in the end. Unfortunately, this will only be a finite project, as at the time of writing I am 17, and plans to go to University etc will eventually overshadow this. 

However, that still gives us until at least June 2022 to make as big of an impact as possible, so please do get involved, by writing something for the project, giving it a share on social media, signing the petitions it's got up at the moment, every bit of support is so appreciated, and together we can make some monumental changes. Just months in, and the project has already been privileged enough to be featured in a book, magazine articles, newspapers, and other websites. We've built nearly 100 birdboxes, many already in use. Local streets are cleaner and less polluted, and recently a petition we created had a response from an entire county! 

And I will continue to campaign for change, and hope that you join me.