Save the House Sparrows

"There's no longer enough wild for our wildlife to live in, we've got to start rewilding our urban spaces. And House Sparrows are a perfect starting point."


Save the House Sparrows at a Glance

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Download the free House Sparrow info leaflet 

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Rewild Hampshire's roads 

Sign the petition asking councils to stop cutting our roadside verges:
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What We Do

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Informing the community

Check out our posts on all things House Sparrows, from tutorials and campaigning advice to poetry and information, by clicking on the 'blog' tab above. 

Fundraising for conservation

The projects most recent fundraiser ( ) raised over £150 in less than a day! Thank-you to all who've donated, the funds will go towards materials to make and install Sparrow boxes on Portchester precinct. 

See how it's going here: Nestbox project | Save the House Sparr (

Practical conservation

From ripping up old garden sheds and turning them into nestboxes, to petitioning for land to be managed for wildlife, you can see what's happening by following this link: News | Save the House Sparrows

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Project Nestbox

Over Summer, I set up a crowd-funder on JustGiving, that raised over £150 in a few hours! This is mind-blowing, and I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who gave their money, it's massively appreciated.

And it's being put to good use. To re-create the historical cracks/crevices House Sparrows have lost (and declined as a result) I've been working with a local school, high-street and nature reserve to put some back, through personally building and installing birdboxes. 

Visit:  Nestbox project | Save the House Sparr ( to find out more on the project.

Image by Karsten Würth

"The worrying declines in House Sparrows are not anomalies. The facts is there's no longer enough wild for wildlife to live in, most of it is now on our TV screens. We've got to start rewilding our urban spaces, and House Sparrows are a perfect starting point."

Connections with Nature

Compiled by Kate Stephenson, Connections With Nature is a brilliant anthology of the relationships and connections between people and their local wildlife, which I was lucky enough to write a piece for.

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All Things Wild Podcast 


Had a lot of fun recording an episode of All Things Wild Podcast with the brilliant Martin Kitto. We talk all about House Sparrows from day 1 when they were just non descript little cave-dwelling birds, all the way up to overthrowing 2/3s of the Earth's land mass. You can listen on Spotify, Buzzsprouts or your usual podcasting server.  

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