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Save the House Sparrows

"A conservation story right in our back-gardens."


Save the House Sparrows at a Glance

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Download the free House Sparrow info leaflet 

With massive thanks to its designer @Inktron

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Project Birdbox

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I've currently got several birdbox-related projects I'm trying to raise funds for. Please do spare a moment to see if you'd be able to help contribute to any of them by clicking below. Thank-you!

Havant Eco Fair 2023

Havant Park, Saturday 23rd September, 11am - 3pm: music, birdboxes, and Sparrow skeletons. Come and say hi!

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"Dear Sparrow"

It's not only the UK seeing a disappearance of our favorite Little Brown Jobs, India has witnessed declines just as extreme and worrying. 

"Dear Sparrow" is a short tribute film, written and directed by 21yr old filmmaker Aarush Prashanth, and produced by SpellCaster Studio. Currently touring film festivals, you can find out more by clicking on the link below.


The Feather Speech 

The Feather Speech is a national campaign by author Hannah-Bourne Taylor, to make Swift Bricks compulsory in Britain. Helping House Sparrows, Martins and Starlings too. Sign the petition below, before it goes to Parliment!


National Biodiversity Network

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Save The House Sparrow recently became a member of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN), a collaboration to make wildlife data available to everyone. 

You can visit our page here:


Rewild Hampshire's roads 

Sign the petition asking councils to stop cutting our roadside verges:
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What We Do

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Informing the community

From school visits to events, education is vital in conservation. You can also read my blogs on all things House Sparrows above, and do email any questions/queeries you may have.


My most recent crowdfunder was so successful it's since had to be taken down, after raising nearly £400 in a few days! This'll help fund a further 200 birdboxes.

See how it's going here: Nestbox project | Save the House Sparr (

Practical conservation

From ripping up old garden sheds and turning them into nestboxes, to petitioning for land to be managed for wildlife, see what's going on right now by visiting my social media pages: @save_the_house_sparrow .

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Project Nestbox


To re-create the historical cracks/crevices House Sparrows once called home, an essential part of the project involves building artificial nesting sites, with nearly 400 birdboxes installed since 2021, from schools to factories to foot doctors! 

Visit:  Nestbox project | Save the House Sparr ( to see the results.


Birds in Buildings

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's project to conserve House Sparrows, Starlings, and other birds that rely on us for nesting. 

Image by Karsten Würth

"The worrying declines in House Sparrows are not anomalies. The facts is there's no longer enough wild for wildlife to live in, most of it is now on our TV screens. We've got to start rewilding our urban spaces, and House Sparrows are a perfect starting point."

Connections with Nature

Compiled by Kate Stephenson, Connections With Nature is a brilliant anthology of the relationships and connections between people and their local wildlife, which I was lucky enough to write a piece for.

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All Things Wild Podcast 


Had a lot of fun recording an episode of All Things Wild Podcast with the brilliant Martin Kitto. We talk all about House Sparrows from day 1 when they were just non descript little cave-dwelling birds, all the way up to overthrowing 2/3s of the Earth's land mass. You can listen on Spotify, Buzzsprouts or your usual podcasting site.  

Listen to me on Spotify via Ecoinsomnes 


Wicor Primary School

Dung beetle statues, orchards, stumperies and birdboxes... oh and a school!

As the first school I worked with, installing birdboxes and helping manage the grounds, Wicor Primary School has a special place in my heart, and has won countless awards for its contribution to wildlife. Do find out more below. 

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